So! Today I’m Not Happy And The World Can Go And Do One!

Haha…one of my favourite bloggers, Jennie Orbell, says it just the way it is. O.K. perhaps with a generous dash of horseradish but what the heck, that’s what I love her writing for. I was going to sit and write something on a similar issue but then I read her post and decided to kneel and promulgate through her. Read on!

jennie orbell

Hi All

If I were a lesser person I would give up and go and live in a cave in some far and distant land. Thank the Lord that I am not a lesser person, at least, not in the context that I am talking about. I mean, how difficult is it to bid the world to go away for a short time so that I can get on with the second draft of The Sleeping Field?

Today was pencilled in for writing and what happens? I develop an allergic reaction overnight to some obscure moisturiser (not cheap), and I have surfaced this morning looking like The Elephant Man. I have been so itchy that I haven’t slept for a second and consequently my eyes have virtually disappeared behind swollen lids, due to lack of sleep and allergy. I dragged my carcass down the stairs at 1.00 am and took…

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