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Yacking It Up

And now, I’m depressed. Not because of what this post says but because of what this post says. See? You have no idea what I mean. That’s the most depressing thing. I woke up today intending to write something on ‘depression’ and how it is not a disease but a socially-created symptom/apparition of futility and helplessness. While I was trying to find a humorous way to put it and wasn’t getting anywhere, my favourite blogger and virtual alter-ego, Jo Robinson, got around to saying it EXACTLY the way it ought to be said. Fantastic insight. You’re always in my head, Jo. And in a de-stressing sort of a way. It’s good to know that someone out there, in the big bad world, has tender, sensitive, yet well-reasoned thoughts on a subject like this. And I’d like to add that people who’ve never felt a pang of pain ever, are the ones who go about creating a depressed world. Yeah,yeah…that calls for a big round of debate and horrific slaying. So, prep your swords, readers. I’ll do some homework and come back to parry those moves with Jung on my side. Soon, i hope. Meanwhile, read on!

Jo Robinson

October is Depression Awareness Month. I’m not qualified to comment on the terrors that extreme mental illnesses might bring, but all those who suffer these things have my deepest sympathy, and respect for trying so hard to overcome their inner demons. Way down the scale, every human experiences sadness and depression to some degree. If you’ve never been sad or depressed at all then I don’t want you anywhere near my space. I imagine that totally unfeeling people could be a little dangerous. Everyone’s had the blues at sometime. Maybe just for a day, but sometimes for much longer. And certainly weeks of depression should raise alarm bells as it could be caused by much more serious anxiety issues.

Over the last few weeks I’ve seen a lot of depression about on the web. Maybe it’s the time of year. Sometimes the change of seasons brings on sadness and anxiety…

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